The Vision of The Collective Studio / is to create a global community of like minded people with a shared set of values and mindsets, advocating the importance of deeper human relations and sustainable living.

Studio METANOIA was asked to create a new unique visual language and Corporate Identity for the Collective Studio.

Branding & Art Direction: Raisa Torres
Concept & Screendesign: Marcel Singer

The Collective Space /

The design of the branding is the connection between the Values summarizing in The Collective Knowledge and the Business Model of The Collective Studio. The sacred geometry is developed out of the numbers of the Values, 6 in the sum, here represented by each of the different 6 spheres, like Integrity, Diversity, Innovative, Bold, Meaningful and Timeless.

In the Platonic Solids the Universe represents the Dodecahedron, the Space, the Sphere created out of the 5 pointed base. The branded Cosmic Geometry starts with the base and to the same time with the holistic cosmic sum – the universe – The Collective Knowledge, a 5 pointed star pentagram.